Very Cool Nature

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Here are some great pictures found of some very odd things that do not look natural, yet are. This is a transparent frog the round balls you can see i n the belly are eggs. I guess this frog is called a glass frog.


A beehive that looks like a vase

bee vase


A tree that looks like a person, I do not know if they trimmed it that way or if it grew like that, maybe it kinda looked like a head to begin with and they trimmed it after, anyway, I think its awesome even if it is kinda creepy.

tree head

Animal pictures

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I love animals, so I started on a great collection of animal pictures and photos. Many are large enough to be set as wallpaper because they are High resolution images.

Here is my favorite picture of all

horse laughing shows yucky horse teeth

There are so many pictures and wallpapers that I made a page for all of them. Here is the animal wallpaper and image page


Images and photos of all kinds of birds, birds of prey, song birds, wading birds and really colorful birds. Kingfishers with their catch.

Cats and Kittens

Cute photos of fuzzy kittens and cool cats.

Insect pictures

Bug-eyed and prickly, smooth or slimy, I love insects and they look so cool up close. photos of colorful insects


I love the laughing horse photo. anyway check out the pictures of some cool horses

Dogs and puppies

Doggies, our best friends - great pictures of lovable dogs

Cute and Fuzzy animals

cute and fuzzy

Frogs and turtles

photos of green frogs, tree frogs, colorful frogs and turtles

Animal wallpaper HD

Hi definition and high resolution pictures of cute animals for wallpaper