The Cutest Thing EVER!!!

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This video has over 9 million views on YouTube, Obviously I’m not the only one who thinks  its the Cutest thing ever!

Illusion? Not Really. The House has a Tunnel

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cool house - Inversion houseWhat to do with an old home that is slated for demolition? Call in artists sculptors Dan Havel and Dean Ruck . The pair of Houston artists took on the challenge of visually transforming two buildings in a Montrose neighborhood into a work of art.

The project was called Inversion. It took two houses that once housed art classes and created an incredible illusion out of them. The houses that these two artists re-created were the property of The Art League. The Art League offered the old studios to Havel and Ruck to go nuts with for the short amount of time before demolition was to begin making way for brand new studios for The Art League.

The illusion of a house turned inside out was finally created and it was on display for all to see in the summer of 2005. The tunnel started at the front of the home and went straight through ending up in a small type of slide coming out the back. You go in walking and you crawl out as the tunnel contracts.

Unfortunately, the artwork was temporary and eventually did get demolished.

Illusion house tunnel

 Tunnel House

Tunnel Illusion House


tunnel house

Puppies in Costume, too cute

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Why do we all love to dress up our dogs, well, may be because they are just too cute in human costumes.

This little Rottweiler pup seems to be in basic training wearing a camouflage hoodie.

Rottweiler puppy dressed in a shirt

Helmet head?

doggie in costume

Fake deer in headlights

dog dressed as a deer

Rotty is a property of what? some sport league I think

rotty pup wearing a sweatshirt

Puppy Dogs, Why do they do this to us?

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Dogs say so much without ever barking out a word. We know how they feel just by looking at their eyes many times so lets check out a few of the crazy looks a puppy dog uses to get what they want…

Is this puppy starring me down with a “gonna kick your butt” look. He may be after some extra doggie treats here.

Mean puppy dog stare

I am gonna guilt you into a treat look.

I am goonna guilt you into a treat look

I don’t want to talk to you right now.

dont want to talk doggie

Puppy about to go postal if no treat is found look.

puppy about to go postal

I know I messed up and am really sorry, till I do it again.

puppy did something wrong

I ate too much dog food and don’t feel so hot… feel sorry for me… please.

whats happening

Gotta love the cute puppies.

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